Honest conversations should encourage someone to think. And I don’t believe you can do that by putting people down or calling them names. The purpose of this section of the website isn’t about calling you a racist, or saying you are a bad person. I’m not interested in that conversation, and I doubt you are either.

Still, racism exists. I won’t debate that point. Many people are treated differently based solely on the color of their skin. Yet, few white people try to be or profess to be racists. So, if racism exists, but few people profess to be racist, then there has to be something else going on.

I believe that racism needs to be understood to be dismantled. And it needs to be seen and acknowledged before we can begin to understand it.

Understanding how racism manifests, the role each of us plays, the responsibility that white people in leadership have to fix the issue, are all necessary if we are going to change the system.

The following pages should definitely be considered a work in progress. But even in their primitive state they may provide content for deeper thought, discussion, and (potentially) change.

If something you read here applies to your life, go farther than just reading the words. The world won’t get better just by reading a website. Take time and assess your role in the situation, assess what options you have for making things better. If these pages and these words help catalyze action, then they are serving a worthwhile purpose.