Most people accurately surmise that I don’t run a great deal currently, but running has previously been a large part of my life. During my 30’s, there were years when every Monday and Wednesday evening and every Saturday morning was spent at the Fleet Feet running store. Most of this time was spent coaching my favorite group of runners – the 2 hour half marathon group.

That honestly is the best group of people to coach. They are fast enough that they are taking the task seriously, but they aren’t so fast that they become overwhelmed with the the competitive elements.

During a few of the seasons, I provided my runners with a weekly newsletter. Each week I tackled some aspect of the running process like the krebs cycle, hill running, shoe replacement, etc.

The newsletters were born out of a desire to improve my own running knowledge and the desire to share what I’d learned. I took the step of becoming a certified running coach through the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) and I credit that program (and a lot of subsequent reading) with my running knowledge.

Since human physiology has been remarkably consistent over the last couple of decades, I am placing those newsletters here for your use now.